Autism, weed

I can predict the future

About every 3 months or so, I have what I refer to as a POTS day. I’ve written more in detail about this syndrome in my earlier posts. Everyone with this condition has bad days. Some feel this way every day, where some, like me, are lucky to only experience it every so often.

I am writing this the day before the episode will begin. How do I know I’ll have a POTS day tomorrow? There are some general signs. Migraines are the first clue. Next, I start to feel dizzy and unsettled. When that hits, I know tomorrow is going to be rough. A POTS day usually means I feel dizzy, tired, and generally sick. My heart rate is also very high.

Depending on how bad the day is, I might have to take off work. There are times when I only feel horrible standing. Therefore, I can safely get to work and do limited tasks. There are other times, however, that I feel dizzy and sick, even when lying down. Those are the worst days.

My POTS has been getting better over time. In fact, my last episode was over 5 months ago, which is a new record for me. In the meantime, I’m going to nap and eat doctor prescribed McDonalds. There are some benefits to a fucked up neurological system.

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