Autism, trees, weed

Communing with nature

I’ve always been somewhat of a hippie. I believe in drugs, free love, all of that. But lately, I have had such a connection with trees. Every day, I go on a walk in the evening. I get super, super baked and wander around listening to music for about an hour.

I have made friends with all the trees in my neighborhood, especially with a special grove of beech trees. I always stop to say hi and show my respect. I haven’t even named them, which is very odd to me. I think something has been stopping me. I figure the trees much have a language of their own and names. It would be so presumptuous of me to try and change that.

The biggest connection between me and the trees is marijuana. When I smoke that special plant, I get to share in with all of the other plants. I know everyone thinks I’m crazy, but I have felt such inner peace and happiness since I have had the trees as part of my life.

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