Autism, tattoos, weed

Nerdy, dirty, tattooed, and curvy

I love getting tattoos. This is probably not something you hear an autistic person say every day. So far, I have 7 tattoos with many more on the way.

Now, I bet you’re thinking, what about sensory issues? Tattoos entail some of my worst sensory issues. I hate vibrations and have an extremely low pain tolerance. But I can push on. When it is something I really love, like tattoos or concerts, it makes getting through it so much easier.

Sometimes I get this feeling. I call it the tattoo feeling, but it have led to other things as well. It’s the feeling that I should do something wild and spontaneous. 2 of my tattoos came from this feeling and if I had more money, you’d bet your ass I’d have more impromptu tattoos.

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