Autism, neurodiversity, weed


Hyposensitvity, regarding autism, are the sensory experiences we crave or seek out. They are the pleasant things that, honestly, make autism a little worth it.

I love the rain. Whenever it rains, I run outside to dance and splash in puddles. I also love the wind. A gentle breeze feels orgasmic to me.

I seek out smells, tastes, and foox textures a lot. The perfect bite of something is one of my favorite things in the world.

I also love deep pressure and weighted things on top of me, especially when I’m upset. It has a way of healing my souls.

Autism sucks a lot of the time. But, when I have a pleasant sensory experience, I pity neurotypicals. Autistic people feel things so deeply. We can connect to things in a way most humans can’t.

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