Pass Me The Devil’s Lettuce

Disclaimer: I am a medical marijuana patient in a legal state. I do not encourage or recommend anyone to self-medicate. This is just my own personal experience.

I am what the kids call nowadays a stoner. I absolutely love smoking weed. And it truly has been a changing factor in my life. I have horrible anxiety, both social and otherwise. I’m neurotic as fuck. Weed smooths all that down for me. It helps connect my neurological system to my body. I was even able to have my psychotropic meds cut in half because of the addition of medical marijuana in my treatment.

Weed makes me feel more like what I am guessing normal humans feel like. My body is usually in so much pain that even if I brush up against something, I feel horrible agony. Marijuana helps my body not have so much pain input. It also helps me sleep, which to me is incredible. I have really bad insomnia. I’ve been on such high pill doses that are supposed to knock me out, ones that were supposed to be for grown men and not small children, and it still didn’t do half as well as the weed does. The pills have also crippled my already weak vessel. I go into withdrawal if I miss a dose. You know what doesn’t give me cold sweats and shivering if I miss a couple days of taking it? Marijuana! Weed also stops panic attacks like nobody’s business.

All in all, I’m so happy that I get to use this magical plant to really help me live my best life.


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