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Things That Give Me Autistic Joy

We often only talk about the sucky part of autism and I wanted to share some of my very favorite things I do that fill my heart with autistic glee.

  • Buying bulk sensory items
    • Just the other day, I went in the store that sold my beloved unicorn headphones, convinced they would be out. I stared at the wall for a good 20 minutes, trying to find something to compare with my unicorn headphones. I had just turned around, while lo and behold, right behind my stoned ass was a ginormous display of unicorn shit. I bought 4 pairs of headphones, so now my most important sensory item will last me for a while. The first time I got to buy a shit ton of yarn was also a glorious day
  • A very specific type of concrete
    • There is a certain type of concrete that I love to rub my foot on. If I had to describe it, I would say it reminds me of a chalkboard. I love the feel, I love the noise it makes, just everything about it. It’s often poured in sidewalks, so when I go for walks, I’m able to just stop and rub my foot on it as long as I want. When the sun hits a worn piece just right, it’s like I’m touching silk.
  • Walking barefoot
    • I hate wearing shoes. I absolutely hate it. I ride my bike without shoes, I go for my walks without shoes, I even keep a pair in the car because I usually leave the house without putting them on. For anyone concerned with the safety aspect, I cordially invite you to fuck off, in the nicest way possible, as I am tickled that you care about my wellbeing. I do live in a place with a harsh winter, so usually around October, it’s shoe wearing season, but once spring has sprung, fuck wearing shoes. Just let me feel the grass on my bare feet, man and let me be my true hippy self.
  • The wind and rain
    • To make myself sound more like a hippy, I adore dancing in the rain. Anytime it rains, I run outside to go on a walk, or to even just feel the drops on my face. And anytime the wind hits my skin, it caresses me. Nature is something that I connect with deeply.
  • Turning up the car radio to full blast when I am alone
    • This is a very interesting thing I do, especially since I hate loud noises. I only like having the radio loud if I have complete control of it, both volume and playlist wise It is one of my favorite things to do to sing at the top of my lungs while driving. Since I listen to a lot of punk music and there is no way sensory wise I can go to punk concerts, at the very least, I can create my own concert.


1 thought on “Things That Give Me Autistic Joy”

  1. The concrete, bare feet and the wind and rain, I’m entirely with you. I’m fortunate that where I live the climate is mild enough for me to go barefoot outside for all but 5 to 10 days a year. There’s nothing like the thrill of being out in the elements during wild weather. I might be 71 years old, but who need recreational drugs when there’s an even greater kick from a storm. Call me a crazy autistic goat if you wish (many have), but I have no intention of ‘growing up’ in this regard.

    I do wear shoes while driving. This was indoctrinated into me as a teenager, and now I feel as uncomfortable not wearing shoes while drive as I do not wearing a seatbelt.

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