There Is Nothing More Punk Than Being Autistic

Autistics are pretty fucking punk, man. Think about it. We don’t conform to what society thinks a person should be. We have passions that most people would never think twice about. And we refuse to change for anyone. Let people think we’re weird. I love it. Autistics are the most badass creature out there.

I honestly don’t care what people think of me. When I would have meltdowns in public as a child, my mother would scream at me that I was embarrassing myself. Child me would just turn to her and say, “I’m fine with what people are seeing. I’m not embarrassing myself, I’m embarrassing you.” She always hated that, which made it even better.

Even now, I truly try not to care what humans think of me. It’s for sure a little more difficult to do that as an adult, because child me was goddamn hardcore. There was one time that truant officers showed up at my house because I was refusing to go to school, and I just sat there in my bed debating them the whole time about why it was unnecessary. But, I digress. I do whatever activity I want, even if I get judged for it. Some people might think my interests can be odd or childish and I invite them to go fuck themselves. I am so proud to be who I am.

One of the reasons that I like autistics so much is that they are different. Most of my friends have a touch of the ’tism. I think neurotypicals can be boring. They often blur together to me. Autistics are always so vibrant. I love the hour long lectures I get about video game lore. I love seeing an autistic show off all of their stuffed animals and getting the elaborate back story for each of them. We are ourselves to the core and there is nothing more punk than that.


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