Nerdy, Dirty, Tattooed, and Curvy

One of the questions I get asked most is about my tattoos. As of this post, I have 7 tattoos and a craving to add more. I need to get my fix, man. People are very curious how an autistic can get tattooed sensory wise.

For me, when the experience is something I really want, I can handle the sensory overload. I’m able to go to concerts for the same reason. Tattoos are definitely a lot sensory wise. I hate vibration and a tattoo gun is basically a vibrating needle of pain. But the result is worth it for me. I think tattoos are beautiful pieces of art and sometimes you have to suffer for your art.

I also have a slight fascination with being a person’s first tattoo. They don’t always have the best quality, but I think it’s a cool concept. How many people are willing to be the first one under someone’s needle? I also love going to a tattoo artist and just telling them, do whatever the fuck you want. I’ve ended up with some cool tattoos that way.

I have many exciting tattoo plans for the future. They range from quotes, to pinups, to a super high flamingo. Ink me up, baby.

My favorite of the do whatever the fuck you want tattoos.


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