To The Yarn Store We Go!

I get to go to the yarn store today which means everything I say and write will probably be about yarn. Y’all get to join in the fun. My birthday is coming up and one of my amazing boyfriends is taking me out yarn shopping today! I’m participating in a knit along with a podcast I follow. I’m making the most beautiful cowl that also serves as a hood. This will be the first time I every buy expensive yarn and I cannot wait. I might get my first taste of Madeline Tosh.

The yarn store is such a magical place for me. I love colors so much and that’s what you find at a yarn store. Go figure. There are just so many possibilities to create beautiful things. Yarn truly makes me happy. It probably can be classified as an addiction.

I keep having to stop writing every two minutes because I’m so fucking excited. I just keep rocking and squealing. I am so happy to finally be surrounded by humans who love and appreciate me. They don’t find me annoying, but so cute instead. Which is good, because the yarn store doesn’t open for another hour, so I will be autistically fixated for a bit. Plus, they will have to deal with me presenting my new yarn to them like it’s a newborn baby for the next week or so. My humans are the

This is my yarn podcast below. If you have any interest in fiber arts, you should check them out. They are my knitting moms.


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