The Cockblock Of Writing

I’ve had a lot of trouble over the past week coming up with things to write. A severe case of writer’s block, if you will. To overcome it, I decided to write about writer’s block itself! Take that, mental state.

Writing usually flows very easily for me. I tend to think in writing, if that makes sense. I can write an entire blog post or script in my head, from start to finish. Normally, when I sit down at my computer to write, I just have to transcribe from my head onto the screen. Lately, though, I just haven’t been able to even think of topics to write about.

I think this state of mind is another manifestation of the burnout. I’ve been able to kind of get used to some of the ways I’ve been burning out. Enough to be like, “fuck you burnout. You can’t get to me anymore!” And then a new kind of burnout out occurs. Burnout is a tricky little minx that way. You never quite can conquer it, because it will always find a new way to creep in.

The most important thing for me to remember is to not be angry at myself when I sit down for an hour and am still not able to produce a piece of content. I am not giving up, I am not a failure. My brain, at that moment, simply isn’t working the way I want it to work and that is ok.


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