Walking Children In Nature

Nature is something I have always connected heavily with. I, honestly, hate humans as a species. They are far too loud and inconsiderate. But, plants, man? Those things lift my spirit up. The feel of the grass on my bare feet and the smell of freshly picked herbs are some of the best sensory experiences I can think of.

One of my favorite things to do is to take long walks through the woods. My girlfriend is very into foraging, so we go on these excursions a lot. I have quite the obsession with trees and nothing makes me feel safer than being surrounded by them. I get very uncomfortable if a space is wide open and there are no trees around me. So, the forest, is my happy place. It’s the place to talk to the trees, smoke some weed, and watch my girlfriend get adorably excited over mugwort and mushrooms. Some of my favorite things we have found are wild garlic and onions and bittercress that makes an amazing pesto.

We also, finally, have enough space to plant a garden, which I am so stoked about. We have all kinds of vegetables and herbs. And I have a mini flower fairy garden in the front! I’m very happy I ended up in a house with a lot of outdoor space. I have two trees in my backyard! This is huge because I have never had a space next to a tree where I could just close my eyes and meditate. My mom tree is in a public park, so I have to be safe and aware of my surroundings. All my other trees live on tree lawns and that is not the most ideal place to escape from humans. This summer, I plan to live on the porch. I have a lot of knitting to do in the shade of my tree, Penelope. The feel of the wind, sun, and the yarn slipping through my fingers will bring me such intense joy.


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