The Cookie Shuffle

This gorgeous dog right here is named Cookie and she changed my life. I got Cookie when I was about 14. My family has always had dogs and we rescued Cookie from an abusive situation. She sat on my lap on the car ride home and never left. She very quickly became my service dog.

We were inseparable. No matter if I had another day of school or work where not a single human acknowledged my existence, I could always go home to Cookie who would sneeze and shuffle her paws with excitement at seeing me. If I spent all day getting screamed at by my parents because I acted too autistic, she would roll over for one of her signature belly rubs and cuddle me while I rocked and cried. She hated when I would cry on her, but she took it very stoically and wouldn’t leave my arms.

She saved my life on several occasions. Even in my most depressed state, I would still have to get out of bed at least 3 times a day to walk her or feed her. Anytime I felt suicidal or had a panic attack, she would snuggle into me and at least carry me through the next 5 minutes.

She passed away a little over a year ago and I miss her so fucking much. She is the absolute love of my life. She made an impact on everyone she met with her gorgeous smile and her beautiful brown eyes. She had the ability to charm everyone around her. We were two lost and abused souls who found each other and made each other better for it.


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