Autism, neurodiversity

I’m Baaaaack!

Hello lovely creatures of the interwebs! After quite a break, I am back and ready to rise from the ashes of my burnout. I vote right now that the mascot of burnout is a phoenix, because there is no better way to describe the cycle of burnout than going up in flames and restarting.

I have officially escaped my abusive living situation! I have a safe home for the first time in my entire life. I finally have a place that I can enter and know that I won’t be screamed at or made to feel like I’m worthless. I’m still adjusting to the odd feeling of happiness and freedom. My motto this entire time I’ve been waiting to escape is “I just want to be.” I want to just sit on my porch and knit without bullshit brewing inside my house. Now, I finally can.

I am also very excited to start advocating fully about all the abuse and trauma I’ve gone through. I haven’t been able to for safety reasons, but now I don’t have to answer to anyone. I get to be my true and free self for the first time. And you best believe that some people are about to get a tongue lashing.

I know that I have some issues that I still need to deal with, but the worst of it has passed. And nobody will ever get to treat me like shit again. I don’t fucking deserve that and I am so glad that I realize that now.


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